the time we live in

‘history repeats itself’ is a saying known to every kind. So what part of it are we living, or should we be expectant of one in the near future? Big, huge things are happening as we walk down to pay our bills; monumental energy, both good and bad and those in between are unfolding as the ordinary of our lives occur.

In the far east, a journalist by the name of ‘brave,’ irrespective of the cause is standing up against all odds. Near the middle of the Earth, in the home of the free, a revolutionary is taking place for water, peace, equality, and power. Ironically, all the things the developing has been fighting for. So or it seems, the white men are not different from us. Hysteria, paranoia, brought about by a minor, yet constant pattern of attacks has given birth to the ultimatum of ‘fear’ a fetus that every family member is aware of.

1950s’? the 80′? this my friend, is the era in which we live, the time in which we we will have lived.


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