The White House

I don’t know, the idea of going school to Florida seems super distant to me because of the lack of a stable Bhutanese community in the state. To add to that, our designated country is Jordan for the model UN and our position papers have already been up at For anyone who wants to look at my paper, it is under the committee, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), country- Jordan. The convention is in about a month, right after the U.S elections. It would be weird to walk into the left wing of the white house in November and know who is going to take over that monument, come January.

Meanwhile, little have changed with me. I still love to read and write. My interest in national politics has declined because I have discovered other great things like independent lesbian films; and taken much interest in the subtlety of life. Last year, when I got to the U.S, I found out that my left eye had been half blind for a while. Vision correctness was a possibility only if I had started using glasses at the age of 5. Instead, I now use lens only on one eye and they were so unique that the company took months to make it. Even the whole of Thailand do not have them. It’s a shame that eyes that will read and do so much must be half crippled during its youth. I am aware that I don’t post much pictures here, but I will make sure I post as much decent photos from the upcoming convention and visit to the White House.


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