A basket for me

For some time I have been wanting to move my website to word press because from last bloggers conference, some of my friends expressed their concerns on how complex the whole thing was and how it would not let them comment directly. Anyways, I have a new blog called the trailersurrogatewor.wordpress.com. I do extensive scene reviews for most independent movies that have dark themes. If you want something historical associated with fiction and lots of density, then trailersurrogatewor.wordpress.com is the right venue.

Also, something monumental has occurred that means a lot to me as a young south asian women. Are you guys at all familiar with something called the Model United Nations? It is pretty much what the name stands for. And just like in most models, the proponents are the youths from colleges all across America. The MUN team is a prestigious society that every student leader like myself aspires to be. The sad news is, like most honourable societies, you have got to be an exemplary model in order to part of the team. The good news is, when you are a part of it, you get to attend conventions in the capitol of the United States, i.e DC, and and one in New York, where the U.N head quarters for the U.S operates.

I cannot say much until the second week of September. But I will say that my school has had a reputation of leading an exemplary delegate at previous conventions. I will definitely keep you guys posted throughout this whole endeavour. At this point, it looks like I will be at the DC summit. Mean while, why don’t you guys goggle and see what the MUN really is like? It would be interesting to see which school represents Bhutan and what issues they have their dialogue on.


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