‘land of the free and home of the brave’

No matter how privileged of a family you come from, when the time comes for you to leave your pond the view of the ocean shakes you, by challenging your beliefs and reinforcing your faith. In America, the men and the women assume different roles from the men and women in Bhutan. Some men, not all, or those that are yet to cross my path have forever changed the way I think of ‘men’ and the roles that they play. I suppose all of this is very ordinary, yet when seen from the eyes of a girl whose only mission in life was once to finish high school, seems a paramount issue that instead of pondered about must be talked about. In my community, it is not that I grew up with men who would be seen extending hands to clean or wash the dishes, but because I grew up with a notion that women must be the ones that ought to volunteer to do kitchen/utensil work. Before you think all men in America are saints, let me resurrect you that they are not. However, the ones that I have met seem to be, when it comes to the kitchen. These men will cook, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and clean the toilet even when they have earned degrees in fields that I will never understand of. Isn’t this what education makes one do? Isn’t this feminism at its infancy?

The American women are everywhere: They are patrons of law, education, art, science, religion and all other glorious things that civilization could ever hope for. Gone are the days when people would stop and listen only because a woman spoke. The ‘gender magnet’ is doomed Nazi propaganda in the land of the free today. The Americans live in a period where society is discouraged from validating a point based on gender, most of the time being women. In contrary, there is a wave of motivation in validating a point based on its content, quality, and evidence than targeting at gender. As a result, rarely are women ever labeled, constrained, or judged from achieving greatness. It did not come as a surprise to me when women ran an elementary school where 90% of black students attended: A women principal, a women advisor, a women cook, a women teacher, and a women mentor

It is not that the American culture is flawed. If religion, the medium through which god connects to his people is not perfect, then what is to say about a culture? American men and women (most) are mocked in sarcasm about their lack of geography and consideration for anything foreign besides cuisine. Instead of directing hatred and bigotry against these men and women, I pity them. Because believe me, I clearly understand what is it like to belong to the greatest country in the world, and yet be an ignorant soul; an innocent ignorant soul. These men and women often remind me of myself from the distant past, yet the Americans of, China, Ecuador, Lebanon, are ever so ready to defy these norms and give to fight for a ‘greater America, a America in which not only the black man, but mostly the white is not a victim of racism and prejudice.

The States reminds me of what it is like to be an overachiever: constant pressure from both external and internal environment to be the best and the cream to this obnoxious pie is that, society’s already painted an imagery of the overachiever as being almost ‘perfect.’ Which is not only irrational but also unjust for the overachiever because they are people just like the overachiever and the rest who fall in various dimensions. It is a good thing that the overachievers do not spend their time talking about other people but also a bad thing that they fail to consider them.

There is no arguing that when I left Bhutan, I was still filled with little if no bigotry and a sprinkle of prejudice and stereotype. The first Asian I met in Europe was a Christian, and so was the second, walking down 3rd Ave, I blew the brains out of the first Indian I met by speaking fluent Hindi with the face that I had, and even the Chinese acquaintance of mine thoroughly believes that I am from the Republic and not to forget some Americans who conclude that I am from the Mediterranean. I bet you that these are typical stories of officers and civil servants who have taken their first work related tours only to have met a black man to understand that he is from Scotland and that he practices Buddhism. If your knowledge of the world, certain religion, and culture is all from the movies you have watched then you are bound to understand only one percent of a culture, which sometimes may be stressed to the extremes from the real 99%.

One interesting thing about going to school in a society where freedom and liberty are so profoundly found is the negative impact they have on some people. The downfall, which I do not think most Americans notice, is that they sometimes produce individuals lacking dignity and self-respect. One good example is Governor Kasich and Chris Christie of New Jersey who ironically are and were running for Presidents of the United States. The former has refused from suspending his campaign even though he has underscored constantly with positions in the polls that are in fact red lights to end a campaign. You would think that a man of that momentum, experience, and wisdom would make good decisions, but here he stands like a twenty year old whose mother is waiting for her to return home only to say, ‘I brought this family nothing but shame.’ Of course the man worked hard for it and may be because he said, ‘I can,’ but that is not a good enough reason to continue walking in a road that has no dead end. Anybody can jump off from a building, but they don’t do it because we are humans and own human like qualities, one being common sense.

Yet these are all what makes America great, the power to openly attack poor decisions made by our ‘leaders.’ to be continued.







2 thoughts on “‘land of the free and home of the brave’

  1. While we were still sleeping the time has already changed and the world too has changed a lot more. And now both men and women has equal opportunity in terms of anything and everything. Thanks to the technology…
    Yup for some reason even I appreciate America and especially I like the NYC where the american dream was born. It’s like how Donald Trump says “NYC is very cunning, very vicious, cruel etc. yet it’s no doubt one of the greatest place on earth”.


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