3 percent

So many people die every day, is it worth it? Living, breathing, exercising, and making sure you are healthy. mmmm. More hope is always good right. I should have eaten that ice cream. I know I should have. But there is nothing I can do now. Really, nothing much. I guess. mmm. I want it: [...]


the time we live in

'history repeats itself' is a saying known to every kind. So what part of it are we living, or should we be expectant of one in the near future? Big, huge things are happening as we walk down to pay our bills; monumental energy, both good and bad and those in between are unfolding as the [...]

a sad day for Thailand

When a great leader leaves us, it is the responsibility of every wise men to remember him/her and remind the world once again how great they really were; even so more in a period where decent leaders fail to exist. Thailand has always felt like a second home to me, her people always kind and hospitable. Today is indeed a [...]

The White House

I don't know, the idea of going school to Florida seems super distant to me because of the lack of a stable Bhutanese community in the state. To add to that, our designated country is Jordan for the model UN and our position papers have already been up at https://sites.google.com/site/nmundc2016positionpapers/. For anyone who wants to look at [...]

A basket for me

For some time I have been wanting to move my website to word press because from last bloggers conference, some of my friends expressed their concerns on how complex the whole thing was and how it would not let them comment directly. Anyways, I have a new blog called the trailersurrogatewor.wordpress.com. I do extensive scene [...]

Quite thoughts

A man; not a boy Education; not self loath Facts; not assumptions Reverence; not mockery That is all a good man ought to be.. love To cherish and not to ponder to accept and let go to believe and not to forsake to cry when it is time and to bend when necessary.